About Us

About Us

Welcome to azadofficial.com whose URL is https://www.Azadofficial.com/ , which I launched in September 2021.

Talking about Azadofficial.com, this blog is completely in English language so that people from all over the world including America, Canada, Australia can benefit from it and increase their knowledge.


At present, I have started writing on this blog on the following topics and will write on more topics in future. :-

  • HOW TO ( How to write Blog, How to do SEO, How to write Reviews. Hpw to Tips&Tricks etc.)

Earlier I had established another technology blog in the year 2020 named Techsikhe.in and its URL is https://www.Techsikhe.in/

This blog is completely in Hindi and Hinglish language and mainly I write for Indian people only.

Due to continuous work on both these websites, I have got good experience in writing good and quality SEO friendly articles in both Hindi and English languages.

For example, you can read the articles of these two blogs of mine. If you have any suggestion for me or want to contact me then there are two ways - 

  1. You will get the option of Contact Us in the menu of this my website, just write your message there.
  2. In the option of Pages, you will get the page of Contact Us, from there send your message to my E-mail ️ I'd.

About Me

Chand Azad

"I am 24-year-old blogger Chand Azad, the founder of two successful blogs website Techsikhe.in and Azadofficial.com, at present, I have come into blogging with the zeal to achieve something in my life."

I credit Chandan Saahu Bhaiya, the founder of Hindime.net, for bringing me towards blogging and making a career in blogging, Satish K Videos and founder of Techyukti.com Mr. Satish Kushwaha Bhaiya.

You can follow me :-

Instagram:- @azadchand
Facebook:- #ChandAzad

Thank You 😊.

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